Kotor Bay - Our Lady of the Rocks, Perast and swimming

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Take advantage of your holiday in the most charming bay of Europe and visit its favorite tourist attractions and sights. In addition to unreal beauty, swimming and fun, Boka bay will provide you with a unique adventure that you will remember forever. Hop on this private boat tour with us, and we guarantee you an unforgettable time.

Tour details - Our Lady of the Rocks, Perast, and swimming

  • Panoramic sightseeing of the Kotor Old Town and cruising the Bay of Kotor, 20 minutes
  • Visit the island of Our Lady of the Rocks, 20 minutes
  • A short walking tour through the ancient coastal city of Perast, 30 minutes
  • Swimming on the beach of Hyatt Regency Kotor Bay Resort  Resort, 1 hour
  • Sailing to Kotor and panoramic sightseeing of the Bay of Kotor, 20 minutes

Meet the astonishing church of Our Lady of the Rocks built a few hundred years ago on an artificial island in the middle of the sea, walk through the narrow winding streets of the ancient coastal town of Perast, and swim on the beautiful secluded beach of the hotel’s exclusive resort. Book this tour right now and spend wonderful moments with dear friends, family, or a loved one.

Tour description Hyatt Regency Kotor Bay Resort  - Our Lady of the Rocks, Perast, and swimming

Departure is from our pier in Kotor City Park, just a few hundred meters from the main gate of the Old Town and the Cruise Terminal. This is a private tour and it will be organized only for you. We offer you completely new speedboats with the most modern Honda engines and all the accompanying equipment.

After a panoramic tour of the bay, medieval forts, and small fishing villages, we head to the famous island of Our Lady of the Rocks.

The enchanting artificial island, built for centuries, today is a recognizable symbol of the bay. It houses the church with the same name, after which the islet is named, and there is also a small museum with numerous relics and works of art by Baroque painters.

This is followed by a short walking tour through the narrow and winding streets of Perast. An ancient seaside town with a long maritime tradition due to its importance and unique architecture is rightly on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

On the way back we take you to the secluded beach of the exclusive hotel resort Hyatt Regency. There you can relax and swim in the crystal clear and transparent sea. Enjoy the natural beauty of Boka Bay, the sun, the sounds of the waves, and the smell of conifers. Do not hesitate and book this tour as soon as possible!

This tour is a definite must on any traveler’s to-do list. Make sure to reach out and book an experience that you will never forget. Click here and book on time.


Included in price:

  • Swimming on the private beach of the Resort Blue Kotor Bay
  • Free Wi-Fi access
  • Fuel
  • Water
  • Insurance
  • All Fees and Taxes
  • Licensed skipper and guide (English-speaking)

Not included in the price:

  • Soft drinks, beer, or domestic brands (rakija) can be purchased upon request before departure

Boat equipment:

  • Life jackets (available in all sizes): babies, children, and adults
  • Snorkeling masks
  • Safety & emergency equipment
  • Sun protection (boat shade)
  • Sundeck cushions
  • Music (USB, AUX and Bluetooth)
  • Swimming stairs
  • Raincoats
  • 12V socket
  • Soft and comfortable pillows to sit and enjoy

Not allowed on the boat:

  • Large travel bags
  • Smoking

Recommended to bring:

  • Swimwear and towel
  • Booking confirmation (printed or in mobile form)
  • Passport or Government-issued ID with a photo
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunhat
  • Camera
  • Sunscreen (we suggest SPF 30)
  • Comfortable shoes or sandals
  • Jacket for chilly weather

Important notes:

  • If you want to go inside the church you must have a t-shirt (it is not allowed the enter in swimwear)
  • It is forbidden to use drones and to swim at Our Lady of the Rocks
  • During April, May, September, and October, the church of Our Lady of the Rocks and the museum are open until 5 pm. In June until 6 pm, and in July and August until 7 pm
  • We recommend you dress warmer during the spring and autumn months because it can be chilly
  • Pets are allowed on board


The trip includes:

  • Panoramic sightseeing of the Kotor Old Town and cruising the Bay of Kotor, 20 minutes
  • Visit the island of Our Lady of the Rocks, 20 minutes
  • A short walking tour through the ancient coastal Perast Old Town, 30 minutes
  • Swimming on the beach of Hyatt Regency Kotor Bay Resort, 1 hour
  • Sailing to Kotor and panoramic sightseeing of the Bay of Kotor, 20 minutes


It is very easy to find our location and starting point. Whether you are coming from the Old Town of Kotor or from Cruise Ship Terminal, here is a photo to help you find it OR you may check it via Google Maps here.

The tour Bay of Kotor and Blue Cave Adventure starts at the city park near Kotor's port, 200 m from Old town's main gate (red pin).


You will see a big red sign MONTENEGRO SUBMARINE & SPEEDBOAT TOUR.

If you have any questions, you may contact us via WhatsApp, Viber, or Telegram at +382 67 711 999, +382 69 576 355, and +382 67 811 927 or via chat on our site.

You can also write to us at [email protected]


What are the benefits of the Blue Kotor Bay - Our Lady of the Rocks, Perast, and swimming tour?

  • Panoramic sightseeing of the Bay of Kotor from a speedboat
  • Local professional guide
  • Payment by card or cash
  • Secure online booking
  • Departure from Kotor
  • Passenger insurance
  • Best guaranteed prices

What is the exact location of departure from Kotor for the tour to Our Lady of the Rocks, Perast, and Blue Kotor Bay?
Departure is from our pier in City Park, just a few hundred meters from the main gate of the Old Town in Kotor. You can check the exact location on google maps.

What measures are you taking to protect passengers from COVID-19? Coronavirus protection is most important to me if I decide to go on a trip.
All our skippers measure their body temperature daily and wear protective masks during the tour. Before departure, there are hand sanitizers on our info desk and a mask that you get if you do not have your own. Also, all speedboats are cleaned and disinfected after each tour.

Can I be sure that the social distance will be respected on the ship?
Absolutely. By the recommendations of the World Health Organization, we have introduced a limited number of passengers for all our tours.

Is it possible to pick up passengers from another location without the port of Kotor?
Yes, there is. We are one of the few companies that offer the possibility of picking up passengers by speedboat along the coast near the hotels in the Bay of Kotor. The procedure for passengers is to indicate the location of their accommodation, and we will pick them up at the nearest pier.

What is included in the price of the group tour to Perast, Our Lady of the Rocks, and Blue Kotor Bay?

  • Licensed English-speaking skipper (also a tour guide)
  • Visit the island of Our Lady of the Rocks
  • Swimming on the private beach of the Blue Kotor Bay Resort
  • Pick-up of passengers on the pier near the accommodation (if previously agreed with our company)
  • Free WiFi
  • Water
  • All taxes and fees
  • Fuel

Do we visit the city of Perast?
As part of the tour, a short walking tour through this ancient coastal town is organized, where travelers can take pictures and hear some interesting stories.

How long is the break-in Perast? I am specifically interested in the churches in Perast, how many are there?
In Perast, our guests have 30 minutes for a short tour and walk along the coast. By the way, in Perast, which has only 300 permanent residents, there are 13 churches, 12 Catholic and one Orthodox.

Are there any child-friendly lifebelts on board?
Yes. Belts of all sizes are available (specially designed belts for babies aged 0-3 and children aged 3-10).

Where is the museum on the island of Our Lady of the Rocks? How do you get to it?
The museum is located within the church, and the entrance is at the altar.

Are there any souvenirs on the island of Our Lady of the Rocks?
Yes. In addition to the church and museum, there is a souvenir shop on the island.

Please when are the departures for this tour and how long does it take?
This is a private tour and you can choose the departure time that suits you best from 9 am to 9 pm. The duration of the tour is 2 and a half hours.

If the weather is bad, am I entitled to a refund?
Of course. We cannot influence the time and therefore we can refund the full amount or, if you agree, move the tour to another day when the weather is better.

If I want to stay longer on the beach, is that paid extra?
No, but in that case, in agreement with the skipper, you have to wait for our first free speedboat that can pick you up and return you to Kotor. Of course, there is always the possibility to return to Kotor on your own.

If I have seasickness, do you recommend a tour for me?
Yes, we do recommend it. In any case, you can also book a group tour of Our Lady of the Rocks and Perast that lasts 2 hours or a tour by a submarine of 1 hour with departures from Kotor.

From which locations do you pick up passengers?
We arrive by speedboat at the pier that is located near your accommodation, provided that you are located in the Bay of Kotor. This is done on request and you must contact us in advance.

How do I find you in a city park? I know there are several different companies, so I don't accidentally go on the wrong speedboat.
You can see our exact location on google maps. When you arrive at City Park, you will see a large red sign (advertisement) with the inscription MONTENEGRO SUBMARINE & SPEEDBOAT TOUR.

Which wardrobe is suitable for travel?
Summer wardrobe and you can also bring a jacket because it can be chilly on the open sea.

Can I go on tour in a bathing suit?
Yes, you can be in a bathing suit. But when visiting the Church of Our Lady of the Rocks and the Museum you must have at least a T-shirt and shorts.

Is it allowed to enter the church and the museum in slippers?
Yes, it is allowed.

What are the rules in case of cancellation?
You can cancel at least 24 hours before the start of the tour with the right to a full refund. If you cancel within a period of fewer than 24 hours, you are not entitled to a refund. In case your cruiser changes its route or is late for some reason, we will refund the full amount.

Will we have time to swim in the Bay of Kotor?
Of course. Swimming is also planned during this tour.

Is there an age limit for children and adults?
There is no age limit - everyone is welcome. If the baby goes with you, you can hold it in your lap. Older people can go on tour with us, too.

Do you have drinking water on board?
Yes, we have cold drinking water.

Is there a restaurant within the Resort Blue Kotor Bay?
There is a 5-star restaurant within the resort, as well as a beach service.

Can I travel with you if I use a wheelchair?
If it is a folding wheelchair, yes. We have a special place for you and stroller storage.

Are there any hidden costs on this tour?
Absolutely no! Everything included in the price is clearly stated in the DETAILS section.

Are pets allowed?
Yes, on our private tours pets are more than welcome.

Are there any waves?
There are no waves in the bay. No worries, you are completely safe with us.

Can I charge my cell phone if it runs out?
Yes. We have a few 12V charging sockets. Be sure to bring your charger.

I booked the tour via GetYourGuide but didn't arrive due to traffic jams.
No problem. We will refund your money. All you need to do is contact us on time (no later than 2 hours before the start of the trip).

Do you have showers on ships?
Yes, they are available on Don Amon and Excursion 36 speedboats.

I travel with children. Is there some kind of sun awning or are we constantly exposed to the sun?
Yes, we have an awning that protects us from the sun. Also, there is a place for sunbathing on the boat in case you want to get tanned.

Can we swim near Our Lady of the Rocks?
Unfortunately, swimming is not allowed here.

Is it allowed to use a drone above Our Lady of the Rocks?
Filming Our Lady of the Rocks by drone is prohibited. However, you are free to take photos to make videos with your mobile phone or camera.

Do you have music and speakers onboard?
We also have music and speakers. You can also play your playlist via Bluetooth or AUX and a USB cable.

Is smoking and alcohol consumption allowed?
Alcohol is allowed, while smoking is not. You can bring your drink and snacks.

Even though I am on vacation, I need to be available to my clients. Do I have internet access onboard?
Yes, you have free WiFi access. The internet is fast and you will be able to use it indefinitely without any problems.

Can I pay you directly to the account (e-banking or payment slip)?
Yes, but payment must be made in full (100%) no later than 10 days before the tour date. We will send you an estimate for payment by e-mail.

Can I pay with a Visa credit card?
Yes. You can make a payment through our Montenegro Submarine Master website, Visa, or American Express card.

Do you accept PayPal for a trip to Perast, Our Lady of the Rocks, and Blue Kotor Bay?
Yes, you can pay via PayPal for a trip to Our Lady of the Rocks, Perast, and Blue Kotor Bay.


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